Easy Talks to let you know the Runescape game

runescape tips and guide

Runescape is a popular game in all over the word and in which over a 200 million people have already participated. A new person to the game would probably like to know how to begin, what the required skills are and how to become a pro in the game. Here is a beginner’s guide to help someone tackle the game without a hitch.

Know how to unlock adventure.

The first step for a beginner is to know how to unlock the adventure. This is with the help of the mini-map which has various functions. First, contains home teleport which returns one to the visited and activated loadstone and also a world map to help in finding the next adventure.



Creation of a character

Since there are no specs or classes in Runescape, every character has the access ability to all styles and combat skills. This, in turn, can lead to a very many possible combinations of the skills. There are different play styles of characters which include the following;


• General – this is usually the player’s main and first character who is also the most common. This type of character is programmed to focus on everything in the game, training of all the skills and finishing of all the possible quests in the game.

• Skillers – the next type of characters is the killers who have exceedingly high skill levels but low combat levels. For instance, they may have a level three and a combat level of 20, 30, or a 60.

• Pures – these set of characters is much higher than the Skillers and usually focus more on the PvP more than anything else. The main PvPs types in the game include Dueling Arena and the Wilderness. A pure character can level his or her combat skills believe that he will get the best output while fighting other players. There are many types of pure characters who are backed up by the main account in the provision of armors, weapons best food for maximum potential.


The next step is to learn about the quests. Some of the quests in Runescape give decent rewards like the experience and cash which are most essential for a beginner. Some of the general quests include mining, cooking, fishing, smithing and wood cutting.


Objective system

The organized system was a part of the game that was introduced with the aim of helping the beginners to train more efficiently and also complete the quests in a more organized manner. It aims in skills focus and shows the player exactly how much many ones can accomplish in a game.

Combat skills

The other part of the Runescape game is the building of the combat skills which are very important. As one gets higher in the game, rare kind of monsters starts to appear, and the only way to tackle this is to build your slayer skills. Slayer monsters may appear in higher levels, and without the appropriate skills, they may kill you. Combat training can be done next to the Lumbridge and learn the mechanics of the game.